Hooray for Hemp!

Ok, let’s deal with the elephant in the room about the origin of hemp. Yes it’s made from the same plant as marijuana but only has trace amounts of THC (the bit that gets you high). Hemp hand cream is one of the Body Shop’s most iconic products and has been part of their range for years. It also contains community trade beeswax from Cameroon which helps form a barrier to the skin.

...you’d have to smoke a joint the size of a telegraph pole to get high on hemp.
Anita Roddick
Founder of the Body Shop

So why do I use it?

Basically I’ve never found anything as good, it’s surprising how dry my hands get when crafting. Imagine the constant friction between your skin and yarn when knitting, or the dry skin from stabbing yourself with the beading needle. And what about the effects caused by unsticking yourself after a glue incident!

Used sparingly it doesn’t feel greasy or sticky and I can moisturise my hands and pick up knitting straight away. Hands that are not looked after can often give your age away! I’ve also learned to make a bit of a self care routine to give myself a hand massage when applying . I love that apart from the cap the packaging can all be recycled.

Whilst there are a whole range of hemp products there are two that were introduced earlier this year that I also use. The hemp hand scrub is great for exfoliating all that dead skin and dirt away leaving super soft hands ready to soak up all that moisture from the hand cream. Great for sensitive skin, the hemp shower oil quickly lathers into a silky foam on wet skin. Perfect for those days when your skins need that extra boost of moisture and a gentle glow.

The views expressed are mine personally not necessarily those of  The Body Shop at Home (TBSAH). As an independent consultant I receive commission on any products I sell but do not receive income for my blog posts.

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