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Somewhere within the buzz and excitement of messages, orders and day to day life, I became a Body Shop at Home Area Manager – practically a year to the day since I joined!

Becoming area manager is just a station on to further success and along the way I’ve met some great people and done some things I wasn’t sure I could.

Direct sales/network marketing can have a bad reputation, but if you go into it with your eyes open and are selective about the organisations you sign up to it can bring a whole host of rewards and not just financial.

So Why Did I Sign Up?

I signed up because I love the products and I’d bought a couple of things online from a crafty friend – I was just going to be a personal shopper. I was having a bit of a rough time mentally and decided to do a few parties and run a Facebook group, just for something different to do.

High Points

I went to my first regional training in June all by myself, and just a few weeks later, my team had begun to grow with Cat’s arrival. From there, the team grew in numbers and the next thing we knew, it was the end of August and peak season! Those Advent calendars won’t order themselves, so yes, I stayed up past midnight to order them!

Then came Christmas training. It was such a buzz! Cat and I went together as VIPs, so there were plenty of little treats along the way like chocolate and Buck’s Fizz. 

We both won some awards but the highlight of the event was meeting our Regional Director, joining us at our table for a chat and some photos with us. Definitely got me all motivated and ready for peak session.

And Some Low Ones

Everything was going smoothly – the team was working hard and we were growing by October, but I just missed out – and again the following month. I was really disappointed and disheartened but made a conscious decision to regroup and put all of my effort to become an Area Manager on hold until the New Year.

Then in February we lost my Dad, it wasn’t unexpected but sooner than we’d all thought. Four days after his funeral we went into lockdown, then just before Easter I was furloughed! But during this time, I’d kept my business ticking over, just top ups and orders from regulars. My team kept checking in on me, offering lots of support and I started to see some light at the end of the tunnel.


In early May, The Body Shop at Home announced their Bootcamp for those interested in taking their business to the next level. Bearing in mind my earlier resolution, I thought the time was right and signed up for the first Zoom call.

Then Cat decided she was going to aim for manager. Well that was the kick up the bum I needed and with a little competition, I have completed in May and Cat will promote out during June.

Would I Do It All Again?

Absolutely! Who would have thought selling stuff to bath, shower and wash your hair in would bring such a rollercoaster of emotions. Yes there have been the days I’ve had tears and huge self doubt but they are far outweighed by the fabulous people I’ve met that have all supported and motivated me.

Will I Carry On?

Oh Yes! I have an extensive craft habit to fund and I can not only meet new people but use the softer skills that my day job doesn’t. Nothing gives that buzz like making someone feel good about themselves. And, the world is my oyster, if I want it bad enough then the sky’s the limit in terms of earning potential.

Start Your Journey

I’m currently looking to expand my journey so am looking out for anyone who loves the products and has the drive and enthusiasm to build their own business. But what’s in it for me I hear you ask. How about:

  1. Commission paid on all products you sell, up to twice a week
  2. Monthly cash and product bonuses
  3. Free training, developed with our Regional Director, who is an award winning mentor
  4. Opportunity to build your business in a way that suits you, fitting around your family and other commitments
  5. Support from local team members as well as those based all over the country
  6. No targets to hit, you work and sell when you want to
  7. Access to new products before they go on sale to the general public.

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