Knitting Keeps Me Sane

I wrote this poem years ago as part of a guerrilla knitting project I was taking part in. A group of staff got together and we all made different sized squares which were eventually sewn into the huge jumper seen below. Shortly after I changed jobs and I often wondered what happened to that sweater. There was talk of it being deconstructed back into blanket size pieces, I hope it did go to a worthwhile home.

Anyway, back to my poem. I was going through a quite difficult time mentally and my knitting really was keeping me sane. 

Lots has been written and published about the health benefits of craft but for me I do get lost in the rhythm of knitting and zone out everything that is going on around me. As my tastes have changed and I’ve begun to use more natural fibres and more eco-friendly needles the experience seems even more enhanced and nearer to a meditative state as I enjoy the different textures slipping between my fingers.

I shall keep coming back to the idea of craft as therapy but I’d love to hear your thoughts on what crafts you do that help improve your wellbeing.


Sharon standing in front of a huge piece of guerilla knitting

Me and a very large piece of guerilla knitting

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2 Replies to “Knitting Keeps Me Sane”

  1. Sharon I can totally relate to the wellbeing that crafting brings. During difficult times, it takes you to a happy and peaceful place. Loved reading this and thank you for sharing 💞

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