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Dreamcatcher and logo from Rainbow Poochy
Beautiful Dream Catcher
I love hearing about the journeys that people have been on with their craft business. I’m lucky enough to now regularly host a Meet the Maker interview live on Facebook with some inspirational people.
Today I’m going to share the main parts of the interview with Amy from Rainbow Poochy. If you want to watch the full interview then pop over to Facebook

Tell us a little bit about yourself

I’m Amy and I’m 34. I’ve got a birthday coming up. I’m from Essex and I’m a dream catcher artist and an author. Well, [I’ve] published journals and eventually will have my children’s book out. We’re just waiting on illustrations.

What are 3 random things that people wouldn’t know about you?

I have metal hips, I’ve got 10 tattoos, well I used to and will probably get them all back in the next year. I’ve got 15 piercings, (Me ‘that must have hurt’) I’ve got a really high pain threshold.

How did you first start your business?

I started my business from my hospital bed after my motorcycle accident. I had a very serious motorcycle accident. Another five miles an hour and I wouldn’t be here. I had another business, I was papercrafter back then. And my husband closed that down while I was in hospital. Because I was told I was not gonna walk.

Drawers of beads
Some of Amy's bead stash!

So what happened next?

I did a lot of cross stitch while I was in the hospital because that’s one of my hobbies. But there’s only so much you can do. I love it when you stuck with it for three months and that’s all you can do with daytime Telly. But I’d had a really, really bad day and my daughter, who was about six, came home from school. And she turned around and she said to me tonight I’m going to grow my legs. Every night you grow because that’s what kids do. Yeah, I said. And then she said, Mummy tonight I’m going to grow my legs so you can have some with no pain anymore. That was a light bulb moment. Right  I said, I’m going back into business I need something and I picked up my dream catcher making again, which I’ve done as a hobby since I was 14.

Making dream catchers

Anyway, I was taught by a shaman years ago, I was taught the traditional ways with Willow and used new ideas to put my spin on it. I gave some to a friend to sell at fairs, and she just couldn’t keep up with demand. So Rainbow Poochy was born.

Wire and rings hanging in workshop
It all starts off like this

Each one comes with a fable. I’m as true as I can be to their origins with my own spin on it. Yeah, they were very pagan, spiritually anyway. And I don’t want to take away from where they come from, especially seeing that, that culture has been so downtrodden over the years anyway. 

So I try and spread a bit about their culture and a bit of knowledge. 

I’ve also written an ebook, which is only available on shophandmade, it’s coming up this week about dream catchers or stories because I started them as a hobby as well, because it’s different, every story. So with that being hundreds and 1000s of native tribes. Like you can really get into the history of it.

In the UK, we don’t have a lot of red Willow. It’s not a native tree over here we have Willow, Willow, but you have to ask Satori to give it to you. And it’s not always accepting to give it to you. And it’s not always the greatest to get hold of over here either. So I switched to metal hoops about 10 years ago and so most of my dream catchers are vegan friendly.

What do you enjoy about your business?

I love the freedom and I love the fact that even with my health and being a spoony I can still work. I can still do what I do. I can’t do a nine to five. My body doesn’t let me. I have a purpose every day. And I guess my family, if I’m not feeling well, then I’m not going in the workshop today. I don’t have to go to work if my body says no or if my daughter needs me.

What was your first project and which project are you most proud of?

I think when I was born, I probably already had a craft in my hand. I remember being taught to cross stitch at the age of six. I couldn’t even tell you what my first dream catcher looked like, probably awful compared to now. Projects I’m most proud of are probably nightlights.

Rainbow dream catcher
A beautiful rainbow dreamcatcher

They’re very technical and letter shaped lights. Yeah, so they are 3d, with lights in the background and a dreamcatcher on the front on there. They’re quite technical to do because of all the letters. They’re not a standard so they can be quite intricate.

What’s top of your crafty wish list?

A bigger workshop and probably my own machine to make my own hoops. Yeah, so like a bender and a welder to do my own fundamentals, I could do more.

What are your favourite craft materials and where do you do your crafting?


My workshop apart from my dog mats and cross stitch

What do you do when you’re not crafting?

Bingo, motorbike rallies and rockabilly events.

Time for some quick fire questions

Tea or coffee – tea
Netflix or audiobooks – audiobooks, I listen to lots in my workshop
Neutrals or bolds – bolds
Make for yourself or someone else – someone else
Summer or winter – summer because winter hurts.

I hope you enjoyed Amy’s story and if you want to share your story then get in touch. I do live interviews every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon on Shophandmade Facebook page.

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