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I’m going to add some Meet the Maker posts every now and then about crafty people I’ve met that have inspired me and to help grow a craft community. I hope you enjoy hearing from someone different and if you would like to appear in a Meet the Maker slot then let me know in the comments.

First up is Cat, from Cat’s Creations based in Somerset. I met Cat at a craft event in Swindon a while ago and she makes arm knitted snoods and fabulous blankets.

About Cat

Hi I’m Catherine and I live in Somerset. I’m married and have one son called Henry who’s 2. We also have one dog and three chickens. We all love the outdoors.

Cat Greer

Tell Us Three Random Things About Yourself

I used to be a lorry driver

I used to be a police community support officer

and I’ve featured on antiques roadshow!

How Did You Start Arm Knitting And What Do You Enjoy About It Most?

I tried to knit with needles about 7 years ago and struggled with how slowly it grows so I googled how to knit quickly and haven’t looked back. I love working with thick yarn and creating lovely chunky squishy items.

What Was Your First Project?

I started with snoods and made those for about 5 years before wanting to expand my collection. When I went self employed just before my son was born I started making big chunky blankets. My first ever blanket that I made was a beautiful blend of Polwarth wool and it was absolutely stunning. This is still my favourite piece but it has sold! That blend is no longer available.

Arm Knitted Snood

What's Top of Your Crafty Wishlist

Behind the scenes I make all sorts of things. I particularly love making wooden toys for my son.

Where Do You Craft And What's Your Favourite Yarn?

I do my arm knitting either in Cats creation HQ or in my living room. All depends on the size of the project. My arm chair has good arm supports! My fave arm knitting material is merino wool.

Arm Knitted Cot Blanket

What Do You Do When You're Not Knitting?

Arm Knitted Sofa Blankets

I’m a mum first to my son and all the animals but other than that I also grow all our own vegetables and we try to be self sufficient in vegetables and fruit all year round. This takes up quite a lot of my time and I do most of it when Henry naps or in the evenings. (Which is also when I fit in my orders/work!). We also walk the dog a lot and enjoy exploring the local woodlands.


Tea or coffee? Coffee
Netflix or audiobooks? Neither just no time!
Neutrals or bolds? depends but neutrals
Make for yourself or someone else?

I love making custom items for customers and I try and make it my Christmas presents too.
Summer or winter? both

Arm Knitted Bed Runner

You can find Cat and some of her gorgeous makes at

I hope you enjoyed the read and I will see you all next week.

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