Nails, kNots and Notions – The Next Steps

Hi everyone, sorry haven’t been around for a while but there’s been lots of different things going on over the last few months. I was made leader for Mums in Business (MIB)in Swindon in April, I’m going to tell you more about that another time. But more importantly I’ve been revamping and overhauling Nails kNots and Notions.

Why did a change come about?

I found that I was struggling with getting sales. It was really difficult to actually describe to people what I did so I felt that I really needed to niche down. Through MIB I’d actually connected with a lot of groups, and found that there were plenty of really supportive and helpful people that I could work with to make these changes to my business.

I joined Shophandmade as a Madmin, doing regular Meet the Maker interviews online, which helped my confidence in front of the camera. I signed up for an online shop with them and some training, Craftology.

Click image to find out more
Click image to find out more

What caused my biggest mindset changes?

I think the biggest support has been Dani from Crafts for Success. Because she’s a crafter herself, and had been through the same journey, she was the perfect coach for me to work with, so I would highly recommend for anyone who’s looking at taking their business to the next step. We talked and I shared ideas in her VIP group and eventually I came to the conclusion that what I wanted to do was actually bring two of my passions together.

That was my passion for crafts but also my passion for crystals. Over 10 years ago I actually trained as a crystal healer, and I’ve only ever used it for myself. I decided I wanted to do something a bit different with it. I’ve started making jewellery with crystals. I’m also looking at other ways that crystals can be used around the home so that people can use them for their well-being all the time rather than just those times when they go for treatments.

How did this affect my branding and positioning?

This led me to develop my mission statement,

I help busy women learn how to use crystals for their well being.
Sharon smiling
Sharon Hadley

It’s short, sweet and to the point, and people really get what I’m doing now, so it’s made a huge difference.

I didn’t want to lose Nails kNots and Notions completely as I had a small following that I wanted to keep. I still am doing some of the other crafts, and selling those but they are more subsidiary. My main focus right now is on the crystal side of things, and so I decided that I would keep the Nails kNots and Notions part of my branding, but then I would introduce Crystal Creations.

My original logo was Nails kNots, and Notions with  from ‘winter warmers to natty notions’ as a strap line underneath the hand holding the ball of yarn.

Working with Laura from Adorable that designed my original logo for me, she just put the Crystal Creations at the bottom and actually changed it so the hand was holding a crystal. That means I’ve got consistent branding throughout, as it’s still recognised as NKN as which it’s shortened it to. It’s the same colours, types of images, and also that hand holding the crystal is about the self care and looking after one looking after yourself.

Other Income Streams

I’ve also been looking at different ways, apart from jewellery that I can get crystals in to people’s lives, and working with a local small business, I know. 

Hello Halina makes soy candles with crystals and also soaps with crystals in. So, I’ve become an affiliate for her, which gives me the opportunity to offer crystals in a slightly more subversive way. You can just put up a candle with crystals in in the corner of the room, light it to do its thing and everybody will be in the house will be benefiting from the healing vibrations that the crystals are sending out, but won’t feel like, oh, it this is all woo woo or witchery or something. The same with the soap, again, you’re using the soap and getting the benefit of the crystals and they look so pretty.

The Psychic Tree

I’m also an affliate for The Psychic Tree which sells a great range of crystal products.

Their crystal water bottles are amazing. Made of glass with a stainless steel top and bottom you can change the crystals in the bottom chamber to suit you. It comes with a neoprene cover to help protect it. I chose citrine to start with, I’m already noticing the difference, both in the amount of water I’m drinking and how I feel.

Citrine Water Bottle

What items am I creating?

In terms of the jewellery I’ve been making, it has been a mixture of things, designs and ideas I’ve picked up from craft classes and just playing around with stuff. At the moment I’m just concentrating on a couple of lines.

One is a stretch bracelet, where you can choose up to two crystals and it is made with beads. I don’t believe in using the crystal chips I personally find them quite uncomfortable to wear. I just feel that, overall, the beads look better are more comfortable and just give it more gentler experience. These are actually custom made to order. I work with a client beforehand, and we chat through, what their favourite crystals are, what kind of benefits they want to get out of the bracelet so they can then make that decision as to which crystals would suit them. It also allows me to use my knowledge and experience to advise them on crystals to use, but also what crystals may not work together

I’ve also been doing some Tree of Life pendants. This necklace is made from nickel free silver plated wire, hand wrapped by myself around a white metal ring, into the popular Tree of Life design. Gemstone crystal chips or beads are used as the blossom on the tree branches. They can be made in a range of crystals and supplied on a silver plated chain which can be at length to suit you. I do have a few already made up but will happily chat through a custom order.

How's it all going?

I’ve had really good feedback from the business communities I’m in. I’ve set up a Facebook group, which is actually all about teaching peoples how to use crystals, have a bit of fun, a bit of chat also bring in a few other well-being things from other people. We’ve had Claire from The Journal Vibe and Lynn from Happy Kanga Crafts talking about finger labyrinths. In the next few months, we’re going to have somebody talking about essential oils and a numerologist coming in. So it’s really about sorts of well-being and giving you ideas as to how you can look after yourself as well as how to use crystals as part of your everyday life.

I do lives, twice a week on crystally things I’ve talked through the various chakras and how to cleanse and look after your crystals. I did a whole event on suggesting which crystals are good for which rooms in the house, and other things that you could use such as sun and dream catchers, as well as the candles and the soaps to bring crystals into the home. I’ve been getting lots of positive feedback, my members are loving finding out more sharing their experiences with crystals. Of course we also share crystal stash and favourite crystal photos.

Next Steps

I feel that I’ve really found my niche, I’m clear on what I do, and being able to bring together two passions of craft and crystals, whilst knowing I’m actually helping busy women look after themselves, makes me feel good about myself. I’m actually giving and supporting people and there is strong evidence to show that supporting others is good for mental well-being.

Samples of Crystal Grids

It’s early days yet, but I’d like to be in the position in about 12 months time, where I can actually give up my day job, and focus entirely on this exciting new direction. I’m looking to bring out a few different jewellery lines and find a few more partners to work with. Lynn, that I’ve met through craft does does laser cutting, so she’s going to be doing some pieces as part of a collaboration.

So, I’m going to be supporting more people, increasing my group members and keeping engaging them, keeping them supported. And who knows, further down the line, I may even look at a paid membership for much more value and regular crystal products.

Next time…

I’ll be back sharing my experience of online groups such as Mums in Business in helping build my own business and maintain my sanity, particularly over lockdown.

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  1. It was a pleasure to do a live with you in your Facebook group and it’s been a pleasure working with you. You are so inspiring and your knowledge of crystals has got me using them more frequently again! 🙂

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