Prayer Tree Colouring

Hands up who else is a sucker for stationery. I have bought so many journals, planners and cute pens over the year I could probably set up my own store if I hadn’t filled in just two pages in each (now that’s a whole other post).

A couple of years ago I got given a prayer journal at an annual staff meeting. It’s by this couple Ben and Hannah Dunnett. They make some great notes books, cards and bookmarks and they have a really unique style. Anyway I was browsing through their website as you do and I came across the first in a serious of arty articles on their blog. So printed template and trusty pencils in hand I settled down in the sun in the garden and just started creating.

I was a bit stressed, something to do with COVID-19 I think and I just wanted something gently creative. It was warm but not overly hot with the sun seeming to warm me right into my bones. Birds were cheeping away and there was very little traffic. At first I didn’t think about the prayer bit, I just concentrated on colouring in my tree. I did my usual I don’t want two of the same greens next to one another and I’ve got to stay within the lines but gradually I started to relax.

About an hour later I was feeling much better and my tree was fully coloured. I’m not a church goer and would call myself spiritual rather than religious so was a bit unsure about the prayer bit. My inner voice was still telling me that it wasn’t finished because I hadn’t done the prayer bit so I sat back and took some time to think through what things were worrying me. When I reframed as putting down as my worries rather than a prayer the answers quickly came to me – loved ones, a colleague who had recently had an unwelcome diagnosis, how I was going to cope self isolating etc.

Onto my tree they went, followed by some dodgy looking blossoms in the spaces and my tree was compete. I haven’t done anything in particular with my masterpiece but just taking the time out to do something as simple as colouring and acknowledging my worries and writing them down made a huge difference to me that day and is a technique to pop into my self-help toolkit for days when things just get overwhelming. I’d love to hear how art or craft have helped you through bad days during the pandemic.

For those of you that are interested you can visit Ben and Hannah’s website here

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  1. I love this Sharon and what a wonderful way of channelling your worries. Do you know if this particular prayer tree colouring book is still available? I couldn’t care it online, but will take another look.

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