Solo entrepreneur doesn’t have to mean lonely entrepreneur

Hopefully you’ve already read some of my previous blog articles, particularly Zooming Through COVID but also Nails, kNots and Notions, the Next Steps. These take you through some of my journey, particularly through COVID and all the various lock downs as how I’ve built my business and also found a new direction.

However, what I want to do in this blog is chat more in depth about how social media groups have helped me in what can be quite a lonely journey, especially through lockdown, to build my business, and be able to share things I’ve learned across the way.


There’s a real benefit to joining the right networking groups as it actually connects you with like minded women, and you can learn to network and share business ideas without it being spammy or salesy,. This was something that really appealed to me because I hate it when I just see these posts or get these direct messages saying, oh, have you heard about the latest or do you want to buy my whatever.

By joining the right groups, it allowed me access into that safe space. Nobody was too pushy, I could share both my successes, and things that didn’t go so well, and connect with like minded people that have been through similar.

Which Groups Helped Me.

Mums in Business International (MIB)

Founder and CEO Leona Burton is a mum of five and has been running her own businesses for several years. She’s had pain-filled failures and joy-filled successes, and learnt some valuable lessons from both. She created MIB International to support women, share learning, empower and provide networking opportunity to female entrepreneurs.

Leona experienced the struggles faced by women in business, and the challenges of being a mum. She created the space she wished had been available to her – open, supportive and child friendly. You’ll find the support needed to grow a business and some help along the journey of being a mum, mom, mam, step-mum, fur mum…

MIB International was founded in July 2020 and is growing quickly. A global community of 70,000+ women, over 160 separate local community groups, with networking events in nine countries across the globe inc UK, Australia, Romania, USA, Spain, New Zealand, Portugal, Italy, Barbados.

Leona’s passion shines throughout the organisation. Her determination, joy and remarkable success have been featured in Forbes, BBC, ITV, Fox news. She is a popular speaker to global audiences, most recently the Global Women’s summit 2021.
At the heart of everything is a dedicated group of women determined to build and maintain something special for female entrepreneurs.

From Mums in Business International Introduction

As well as the main Facebook group, I’ve actually connected through a few local groups, because it’s helped me reach my ideal client for my crystal business, but also it’s helped increase my confidence.

Being able to chat with people, the kind of conversations that I can have and taking those conversations into people’s inboxes and not being afraid to ask what some may be seen as a silly question (there’s no such thing) not only improved my confidence but also business skills and helped me make some great connections, particularly at a time when everyone was under lockdown due to COVID.

Also, a lot of other leaders such  as Heather, who’s the UK Head Leader and Leona Burton, founder and CEO have both got such high energy, after a session with them, you really do feel pumped and ready for action.

Now face to face local meetings are back in place it’s great to meet up in person with some of the women I’ve met. virtually so do get in touch if you are local to Swindon. 

MIB Logo

SEEN Membership

 I took advantage of the opportunity to access their membership, SEEN, where for a very small fee you can have access to a bite size trainings from experts in their field. there’s lots of mindset things in there but there’s also things like using Instagram using Facebook, lots of ideas like that, as well as a monthly training and networking session, led by Leona, so they are all really useful and inspiring.

if you’d like to know more about membership, then please follow my link to sign up for yourself. Please note, I will get a small commission as it is an affiliate link.

Sign up to SEEN membership 


Shophandmade was another community that I found fairly early on and I’m quite involved in. I’m a Madmin for them, which is what we call our admin team and twice a week, I schedule posts the page, go in and engage.

I also get craft business owners, both male and female , come along and do meet the maker interviews with me. This gets lots of visibility for their business but also a start if they’re a little bit nervous and not used to going live. It’s more like just having a cuppa and chat with somebody because there’s two of us on the screen, and it’s a lot more comfortable.

If that is something you would be interested in, then please click on the image to the right,  which gives you full, full details of what it entails, and sign up to the various dates that are available.

Winning Awards

One of the things I did early on with shop handmade was join in some training on Twitter. I’ve never really used Twitter much before, but with some training went forward and actually started looking for specific times to engage.

 I actually earned to Twitter awards, #Queenof cashmere broaches, and the shophandmade Award, which for me was a big confidence boost. I could actually say, I was an award winning business. It added that feel of authority to all my social media presence and wherever I appear both online and offline.

The Journal Vibe

I’d always been a bit anti journaling. I had this image of pristine bullet journals with funny notations, lots of washi tape and stickers and worse of all written in my BEST handwriting.

The Journal Vibe Tribe takes a much more practical approach,  giving you prompts and suggestions of things to journal on reflections at the end of the day. In the paid membership group there are  sessions throughout the month of actual live, journaling practice. So again, without some of these networking groups, I joined, I wouldn’t have come across Claire, her groups and the difference that they’ve made with my mindset. 

Just a few of my journals

Despite the reputation that some networking groups have, if you are selective, you can not only network but build mindset and skills and make some amazing connections.


So, working for yourself, doesn’t mean you have to work alone, there’s huge amounts of networks available out there for people going through the same thing. 

You can meet people that also want to share their businesses, collaborate, so I would highly recommend joining some of these groups. It is an individual thing but do see what suits you. A lot of these are actually free groups, and then it’s up to you if you think it’s worth carrying on and doing a paid membership. For the ones that I’m in, I would certainly say it is. But as I said, it is an individual choice. I hope you found this useful and look forward to hearing some of your thoughts in the comments.

Coming Soon

I’m launching my new monthly newsletter very soon, which will have VIP offers and share valuable information about how to use crystals in everyday life for well being.

I’ll also be sharing a few tips and tricks business wise that I’ve picked up throughout the month, so do sign up.

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