Sustainable Crafting

I’m a great believer in lots of small actions add up to make a difference which is why I have milk in glass bottles. This is something I’m trying to integrate more and more into my crafting in a few different ways. I’m not saying I’m perfect, these are my intentions that I aim to follow but I don’t beat myself up if sometimes it’s not always possible.


Where possible I buy from small local businesses. I have my favourite local yarn shop in Devizes that has kept me supplied with yarn parcels throughout the various lockdowns of the last year. Pop over to their website and have a look at just a fraction of the scrumptious goodies that can be purchased. If I’m not buying from her then I choose UK based suppliers to support the UK economy and reduce air miles.

In terms of materials used I’m being much more intentional, my cashmere brooches are made from upcycled cashmere. I’m also looking at using leftover lace pieces for a further range of brooches.

Beaded Brooch with Lace
Work in Progress Face Cloth

For my dish cloths I’m using a bamboo and linen mix. Unless it’s organically grown, cotton uses a lot of water and the intensive farming leads to impoverished soil which then requires huge amounts of fertilisers to be added. 

The production of bamboo is generally less intensive and better for the environment.


I shop online quite a bit and there is always a supply of boxes, bags, bubble wrap and other perfectly usable materials hanging around. There is nothing wrong with these so I reuse them to send your purchases to you. They might not look as pretty as brand new boxes with tissue paper with a logo on but they do the job just as well. As long as your order arrives undamaged I’d like to think that I’m supported by many in this choice.

Self Care

As a crafter I find my hands really go through the mill sometimes and for me to be able to continue to craft to my heart’s content I now have a few tricks up my sleeve to look after them so I can continue to craft as much as I like.

I have various tubs of hand cream dotted in strategic places around the house, on my desk, the coffee table next to my favourite chair etc. By having it somewhere I see it, I remember to apply several times a day.

I use this time as an opportunity  to give myself a mini hand massage at the same time. My personal favourite is Body Shop at Home hemp hand cream. It’s ethically produced and as a B Corp they use their business for good. If you’d like to try some or perhaps a different fragrance do get in touch.

I’m a nightmare for getting myself covered in glue, sharpie pen and lots of other things. I use a cleansing balm designed for removing makeup on my hands. I find it prevents the drying that occurs from harsher chemicals such as nail polish remover!

I’m also getting better at using the various tools I own instead of my nails for jobs like opening split rings! As someone once said to me ‘they are jewels not tools’.

This Website

Yes even this site has green credentials. I use GreenGeeks for my hosting. They recognise the huge amount of energy needed to run and cool data centres and buy renewable energy to cover three times what they use and put it back in the grid thus increasing the need for more renewable energy to be developed.

I hope you’ve all enjoyed my latest set of ramblings, do let me know what you think and I’d love to hear any small ways you bring sustainability into your hobbies.

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  1. I absolutely love this and it’s made me think about my businesses too. You are a great writer ♥️

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