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Sorry it’s been radio silence for a while, my anxiety went into overdrive with everything going on in the world and personally. I’m very much on the mend now, this is a post I started a while ago but still very much worth sharing I hope.

Whilst I’m certainly not an eco warrior I do like to feel I’m doing my bit. I’m a great believer in lots of small things add up to make a big difference. I buy milk in glass bottles, use a china, takeaway coffee mug, buy from a local butcher and small, local business where I can.

I used to be an Independent Consultant for Jamberry. They have since been taken over but basically are nail wraps, little stickers for your nails. They had some stunning designs and I always had some left over, not enough for a manicure but to do something with.  So I started making JamJewels, little items such bookmarks, pendants, key rings that used the designs under a cabochon. I had some fun making them and sold a few but was finding that most of the other materials could only be sourced from overseas so the air miles completely outweighed the positives. I still have a few pieces left in my Conscious Crafties shop but have put completely on hold until I can find an alternative, more sustainable way to make them.

I’ve also had a play with visible mending, the idea being that any darns/repairs can be seen and become part of the item. My other half has this awful cardigan that he just doesn’t want to part with. It’s gone very thin in places and very difficult to darn in the usual way. So, out came a pile of random clashing yarns and I let my imagination run wild. I was a bit worried what he would think but he loves it. It is only only worn around house now so maybe that’s a bit of a win. Letting my imagination run wild and just going with the flow is something I find difficult to do, usually I need an end goal in mind so it was quite liberating and helps break some of those not always healthy habits and thoughts.

Whilst just perusing the Internet I came across a company called Turtle Doves. They take cashmere items past their best and upcycle them into a range of accessories. This was when my depression and anxiety were at their peak. They also do craft boxes, containing the bits of cashmere too small to do anything with so it really is very eco-friendly. So I treated myself to one of their brooch packs. It really is a very mindful and tactile craft. The cashmere is lovely to hold and work with, allowing me to step out of my comfort zone and create something very organic.

Cashmere Brooches

Random colours are supplied so I had to get myself past not having all green leaves which was a big step. I really enjoyed creating something quite naive looking but still beautiful and admired. I’m wondering what else I could make apart from brooches AND what do I do with them.

This is a repeating theme throughout my crafting that links with my anxiety, that I need to have an end goal in mind, or even make money from it. Time needs to be ‘usefully’ spent but knowing how to spend that time can be paralysing so I end up actually doing nothing. Gradually I’m learning to do craft, just because and allow myself to

use my posh yarn because just feeling all it’s scrumptiousness is therapy in its own right.

I’d love to hear how you just let your creativity flow without always having an end goal in sight, do let me know in the comments.

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