About Me

I’m Sharon the face behind Nails, kNots & Notions. I’m sharing my sometimes sad, often crazy but always real journey through life.

Sprinkled with fairy dust and often accompanied by a unicorn, I’m always engrossed in some kind of craft and a wish to help people in some small way. I engage in different crafts and different sized projects at different times, depending on my mood, what’s going on around me and what I’ve seen that inspires me.

I’m a strong believer n the health benefits that craft offers and hope to share some of these with you. I also have a strong belief in sustainable crafting, where possible I like to deal with small independent businesses and also repurpose materials. This is where the ‘Nails’ part of my brand was born, a lot of my products are made from up cycling off cuts from vinyl nail wraps that would otherwise have ended up in landfill.

My eco-warrior side also comes out in my use and sale of items from the Body Shop at Home products with their strong ethics and involvement in projects such as Plastics for Change.

I hope sharing my journey helps inspire you in your crafting endeavours, to practice self-care and to think about what small changes you can take to help improve the impact we have on our environment.